10/12/2011 9:58:00 AM

1. Name: Center for Training and International Cooperation
2. Address: 171 Tay Son, Dong Da, Ha Noi
3. Government body: Vietnam Academy for Water Resources
4. Function and assignment as stipulated by Government body:
4.1. Position and function
• Center for Training and International Cooperation (CTIC) under Vietnam Academy for Water Resources is newly established on the basis of re-arranging and organizing International Cooperation Department and the Training Service Department of Institute for Water Resources Research - Hanoi and Southern Institute for Water Resources Research as stipulated in Article No.2 of the Decision ref.594/QD-TTg dated May 10th, 2007 issued by the Vietnamese Government Prime Minister on the establishment of VAWR.
•  CTIC is  a public science organization that has legal personality, individual seal and it can open account at Treasury and State bank to operate as legal regulations. Head quarter locates in Hanoi city.
• CTIC has a function of scientific research, research achievement transfer, international cooperation , providing training program for human resources on water resources development, hydro-power, environment on a national scale.

Tel: (84-4) 35634071 - Fax: (84-4) 38536290

4.2  Assignment :
• Planning and submitting strategies, programmes relating to international cooperation, capacity building for human resource in VAWR to concerned authority; implementing strategies, programmes and plans after being approved;
• Hosting and coordinationg with others centres in Academy to search for sponsers, international cooperation, cooperation with internal and external association in improving scientific and technology capacity in Academy, technology transfer, consulting and education;
• Planning, coordination and implementing tasks, programs/projects, general international activities in Vietnam Academy for Water Resources;
• Providing post-graduate training program, linking training in many fields such as: Integrated water management, Irrigation, Hydro power, Climate and environment change. Training, re-training, knowledge,  experiences and specialists improvement, community capacity improvement according to Vietnamese regulations.
• Providing services for production, business and export-import enterprises according to assigned functions and Vietnamese regulations;
• Consulting in training, institution, investment, monitoring, evaluation, scientific research and technology transfer;
• Providing services of workshops, conference on technology, training and international cooperation ;
• Implementing another tasks assigned by Director of Academy.
6. Functions assigned in Certificate of Technology and Scientific Ativities

CTIC can provides services as follows:

-          Postgraduate education and training in technology and resources management (in cooperation with Cologne University of Applied Science, Germany); environmental management in sustainable development, and also a doctorate program in specific areas of water resource engineering;

-          Development of curricula and conduct of short courses on integrated water resource management; the application of spatial modeling, GIS and remote sensing in water management and natural disaster management; community development, knowledge transfer, community and institutional capacity building and hydraulic structure management.

 CTIC has hosted and collaborated with other Institutes and their specialists, such as Hanoi Water Resources University, Hanoi National University in implementing training activities in water resources development projects, disaster risk management and participatory irrigation management.

Training and education are exclusively assigned to the Center for Training and International Cooperation (CTIC). CTIC has official functions of training and education in water resources, hydropower and environment in the country-wide scale. CTIC also collaborates with specialists from other VAWR institutes and centers that have higher knowledge standard or extraordinary disciplines.

All of our professional staffs have technical and scientific backgrounds with specializations in water resource engineering, disaster mitigation, socio-economics, environmental management, training and educations. Ten out of our twenty-five staff have master degrees of science and three have doctorates. The total staff of Center is 36, of which 3 Ph.D, 9 Masters (7 Masters graduated abroad) and 24 engineers/bachalors.

In addition, the Center collaborates with over lots of scientists in and out of Vietnam. Most of them are professors, associate professors, doctors are studying or teaching at universities and institutes in and out of Vietnam.

The Center is the focal point for the training of VAWR, good relationships with many universities, research institutes in and out of Vietnam as ITT, Colonge University – Germanay, Linkoping University - Sweden, Altera Institute - Netherlands, Institute on Water Resources of Denmark, University of Water Resources, Southern Institute of Irrigation, Water Resources Planning Institute, HEC1, Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology ...